Abaco's Most Dynamic Gallery

Welcome to Our Showroom

Where you will find sea glass jewellery by Victoria Forbes and more traditional gem set jewellery by our resident gemmologist, Peter Bradley.

Whimsical Boxes, in the shape of fish and animals, by Marc Andre'. Hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles of local scenes. plus the paintings of Kathy Hura, Michael Skinner, Karen Hagan, Jo-Ann Bradley and Del Foxton. Wood turnings by Steven Knowles, Roddie Pinder and Mick Guy, and other art works created by our very tallented local artists. To find out more about them click on their names.

We also have a constantly changing stock of conch pearls and custom conch pearl jewellery. Conch Pearls world wide are a product from a protected species, the Queen Conch or Stombus Gigus. Please see our pages on conch pearls for more information.

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