Jo-Ann Bradley, or "Jo" as her friends know her, has long held her artistic flair captive, deep within her soul. From the moment she earned her BA in Fine Arts from Hofstra University she knew that her career would take another path, one that would allow her to make money on a regular basis. While she "climbed the ladder" in the field of human resources she continued her studies on a part time basis with acclaimed and well known artists working in water colour, acrylics, and oils.


As fate would have it, as her HR career wound down and she headed toward retirement (which she promptly flunked) she attended a seminar in portrait painting taught by Daniel Greene. That week, emphasizing the medium of pastels, was a turning point. More seminars with Greene followed, alongwith intense work with fellow artists...resulting in her work oday, which is in either oils or pastels and may be land or sea scapes or portraits. Her residence in one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the Bahamas and helps keep her focused,something that husband Peter harps on..."paint more, your work is wonderful!"


For additional photos of her work, please contact us at (242) 367-0137 or


Jo-Ann Bradley

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